About Us

Dryft World is a Ride share app based out of Eastern Nc. We exist in order to transport clientele to their locations at the best price possible. Our prices are very competitive compared to other rideshare apps. Whether you decide to be a driver or a rider, welcome to the Dryft world family.



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Our Advanced Features

Pay with paypal using Dryft. Load your wallet directly from the app with Dryft. We have lower prices compared to our competitors. Dryft is based out of Eastern Nc. Ridesharing has been developing over the years. The concept is very widely accepted worldwide and the goal is to do the following three things:

  • Reduce traffic congestion  
  • Reduce the number of trips a vehicle makes  
  • Reduce the emissions that come from vehicles  

The apps used for ridesharing have several advantages as follows:

  • You don’t have to make cash payment.  
  • You are able to track where the driver is at any given moment.  
  • You are notified as the driver gets close to where you are.  
  • You can contact your driver as needed.  

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